CTU Bern

SWIFT DIRECT trial - Recruitment now open


The SWIFT DIRECT trial aims to determine whether subjects experiencing an AIS due to large intracranial vessel occlusion in the anterior circulation will have non-inferior functional outcome at 90 days when treated with direct mechanical MT compared to subjects treated with bridging thrombolysis.

The trial does also observe the causes of mortality, the dependency and the quality of life in these AIS patients and aims to provide conclusive information on the efficacy and safety of direct MT in comparison with bridging thrombolysis.

On October 18, the trial core team has opened its first site in Bern and officially opened the recruitement of patients. Today Lausanne, the second trial site, is starting to recruit patients for the SWIFT DIRECT trial.

To keep up do date and to learn more about the SWIFT DIRECT trial, please visit the following website: http://www.swift-direct.ch