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New members of staff: Chiara and Martin

04.11.2021 - We are pleased to welcome Chiara Raso as a new member of staff here at CTU Bern. After completing her studies in Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologies at the University of Milan, she pursued a PhD in Cancer Biology at the University of Zurich. Chiara will now join CTU Bern in a shared position within the Quality and Monitoring Division. Welcome Chiara!

We are also pleased to welcome Martin Jünger as a new member of staff. Martin has a background in biochemistry and genetics and obtained his PhD from the University of Zürich in 2005. He has worked as a CRA and Clinical Trial Manager before and started as Head of Monitoring at the CTU in November 2021. Welcome Martin!

SAKK Event Lay Summaries of Clinical Study Results

18.10.2021 – The SAKK Patient Advisory Panel is organizing an event on 20 November 2021 to discuss lay summaries of clinical trial results.

The registration for this event is now open. For more information please click here.

Funding opportunity - Patient-directed clinical trials

01.10.2021 – This year, Swiss Cancer Research (SCR) is celebrating 30-years of research funding. In parallel, Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research (RTFCCR) is having a 10-year celebration. To mark these milestones, they have launched a joint call for proposals to fund a jubilee award. Visit their website to find out more about this funding opportunity.

University Library Bern launches new Research Information System with Data Repository

29.09.2021 – BORIS Portal has been officially launched. BORIS Portal allows researchers at the University of Bern to archive and manage research data, projects and fundings, to make it accessible and clearly identifiable.

For more information check the website of the University Library Bern.

New member of staff: Selina

29.09.2021 - We are pleased to welcome Selina Linder as a new member of staff here at CTU Bern. In 2007, Selina completed her training as a MPA. Since September she works as a Study Nurse for the SwissHealth Study in our Clinical Investigation Team at Sitem-Insel. Welcome Selina!

CTU Newsletter September 2021


  • RISKLICK –  Datengeschützte Entwicklung
    von klinischen Studienprotokollen
  • News von der SCTO:
    - Roundtable SCTO –  swissethics –  Swissmedic
    - Statistik-Plattform
  • Nächste Kurstermine

New member of staff: Michela

06.09.2021 – We are pleased to welcome Michela Fuhrer as a new member of staff here at CTU Bern. She did her bachelor’s in Nursing Sciences and worked afterwards as a registered nurse in different health institutions. She recently completed her master’s in Health Sciences at the University of Lucerne and worked during the master’s program as a research assistant at the Applied Research & Development department of the Berne University of Applied Sciences. Since September Michela works as a Clinical Trial Monitor in our Monitoring Team. Welcome Michela!

MASTER DAPT: results just published

31.08.2021 – Results of a global trial on dual antiplatelet therapy after percutaneous coronary artery intervention were published in The New England Journal of Medicine on 28th of August 2021.
More information can be found here.

Software developed at CTU Bern

25.08.2021 - Besides building databases and analysing projects, staff at CTU also develop software to ease our work and make us more productive.

Specific projects might also result in a technique that is of interest to others. In the spirit of Open Science, we make these software packages, mostly R packages but also Stata packages, available to any interested parties on our GitHub site. The "Software developed at CTU Bern" page on the CTU Bern website gives details of the packages and provides links to get more information on the individual packages.

New member of staff: Janine

20.08.2021 - We are pleased to welcome Janine Stricker as a new member of staff here at CTU Bern. Since August Janine works as a Study Nurse in our Clinical Investigation Team at Sitem-Insel. There she will be responsible for the accomplishing of clinical studies and collecting and documenting clinical trial data. Welcome Janine!

New member of staff: Isabel

05.08.2021 - We are pleased to welcome Isabel Abis as a new member of staff here at CTU Bern. Isabel is currently studying Psychology. In 2019 she finished her Passerelle in Fribourg. Since the 1st of August Isabel works as a Junior Research Assistant in our Clinical Investigation Team at Sitem-Insel. Welcome Isabel!

New members of staff: Yvonne, Jris and Aaron

30.07.2021 - We are pleased to welcome Yvonne Mattmann as a new member of staff here at CTU Bern. Yvonne is currently studying applied psychology at the FHNW in Olten where she will start her master studies in September 2021. At CTU she is working as a junior research assistant in our Datamanagement-Team. Welcome Yvonne!

We are also pleased to welcome Jris Egger as a new member of staff. Jris started on the 1st of July as a Study Nurse in our Clinical Investigation Team at Sitem-Insel. Her basic training as a MPA was a few years ago and she worked in different medical centers. Welcome Jris!

We are also pleased to welcome Aaron Friedli as a new member of staff. Arron is currently studying Psychology and will start with his master’s degree in fall. Since the 1st of July he works for our Clinical Investigation Team at Sitem-Insel. Welcome Aaron!

SCTO's PPI Guide for Researchers

22.07.2021 - The SCTO „PPI Guide for Researchers“ offers support for researchers when they start planning a project and apply for potential funding.
DE: https://www.scto.ch/de/stakeholders/researchers.html
EN: https://www.scto.ch/en/stakeholders/researchers.html

Final results of the OPERAM trial now published

22.07.2021 - We are happy to announce that the final results of the OPERAM trial have been published by the BMJ. CTU Bern was involved in Statistics, Data Management, Project Management and Monitoring.
The paper is accessible online here: BMJ


swissmedic Online-Veranstaltung: Informationen zur neuen Medizinprodukte-Regulierung

21.07.2021 - Die neue Medizinprodukte-Regulierung ist

seit dem 26. Mai 2021 in Kraft und anwendbar. Hauptziele der neuen rechtlichen Vorgaben sind die Verbesserung der Produkte- und somit der Patientensicherheit sowie die Erhöhung der Transparenz. Mehr Informationen zur Online-Veranstaltung finden Sie auf der Website von swissmedic.

CTU Newsletter Juni 2021


  • Was ist mit Swiss Medtech passiert?
  • ... mehr als nur neue Vorschriften
  • Risikokategorien für klinische Studien
  • Nächste Kurstermine

New legislation – Clinical Investigations with Medical Devices

10.05.2021 – On 26th May 2021, the European Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices (MDR) will become fully applicable. As a consequence, the legal requirements for clinical investigations with medical devices are changing.
More information can be found here.

ECRIN International Clinical Trials Day 2021

07.05.2021 – In light of the current pandemic, ECRIN is organising a virtual event for International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) on May 20th, 2021.

ICTD 2021 will bring together stakeholders from across Europe and the globe to discuss the growing interest in platform trials from best practices to challenges in the European context. ICTD is open to research organisations, clinical research professionals, patient organisations, regulatory and ethics bodies, funders and industry.
More information can be found here.

Medical devices: Lost in translation?

10th SCTO SYMPOSIUM - 8 June 2021, online

Together with Bern University Hospital, the University of Bern, and sitem-insel AG (Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine), the SCTO is holding its 10th symposium on 8 June 2021.


Shiny App implementation of the COVID-19 Social Monitor

The COVID-19 Social Monitor is a population-based online survey which informs the public, health authorities, and the scientific community about relevant aspects and potential changes in social and health behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic in Switzerland. As of March 2021, 14 survey waves have been conducted since the first survey in March 2020. Click here to read more.

CTU Newsletter März 2021

  • VACCELERATE –  ein Netzwerk, das für die Koordination und Durchführung von COVID-19-Impfstoffstudien in Europa geschaffen wurde
  • Nächste Kurstermine

CTU Bern becomes national coordinator of the European project VACCELERATE

VACCELERATE is a network created for the coordination & execution of COVID-19 vaccine Trials in Europe, currently involving 214 clinical trial sites in 30 countries. The project plans to address key questions of interest outside the big registration trials, such as vaccine efficacy in virus variants, trials in children, pregnant women, immunocompromised patients, trials on combination of different vaccines and others. Click here to read more.


In October 2020 the Swiss Reproducibility Network (SwissRN) was founded. It is a peer-led consortium that aims to promote and ensure rigorous research practices in Switzerland. Within the network universities form nodes that organise different activities. At the University of Bern we want to initiate a journal club which will give you the opportunity to get a gentle intro to matters of good scientific practice or, along the way, more advanced discussions in a cross-disciplinary setting - paired with your favourite beverage. Click here to read more.

SNSF IICT Call Deadline: 25th May, 2021

The IICT programme is targeted at researchers who wish to conduct an investigator initiated clinical trial. Applicants must submit a letter of intent (LOI) via mySNF by 25 May 2021.

Please contact us for a consulting so we can support you in developing your study idea: 
Contact form

Experience tells us, that early involvement of a CTU considerably improves the quality of proposals. Writing of IICT call proposals is labor-intense (but rewarding and fun). More information on the call can be found here.

Schweizer Gesundheitsstudie

1000 Proband*innen sind das Ziel bis Ende 2021 – Der Einschluss geht weiter!

Die Schweizer Gesundheitsstudie soll Aufschluss über die Gesundheit der Schweizer Bevölkerung geben.

Langfristiges Ziel ist es insbesondere, den Einfluss von Umweltfaktoren, Chemikalien, Lebensstil und Infektionskrankheiten wie z.B. COVID-19 auf die Gesundheit allgemein und die häufigsten Volkskrankheiten zu untersuchen.

Klicken Sie hier für weitere Informationen.