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CTU Bern has around 50 staff members


In 2022, 361 consultings were conducted


In 2022, CTU staff worked on 199 different projects

CTU Bern is an institute of the University of Bern and primarily provides consulting and services for clinical studies initiated by investigators of the University of Bern, including Inselspital, and other institutions.  We focus on supporting and collaborating in clinical trials in any clinical field to strengthen and expand the evidence base for health care nationally and internationally. We have a proven track record in supporting clinical trials especially multicenter trials but we also support epidemiological studies and meta-analyses (see projects for a full list of past and current projects).

CTU Bern offers the scientific, technical and computing expertise needed to support patient-oriented clinical research at all stages, from conception to completion and dissemination. Relevant expertise is provided within the unit itself or by facilitating and coordinating contact with outside experts. Services are provided in a modular fashion and range from advice and general support to full development of the design and conduct of clinical studies.

Work is carried out according to established standards. We have a well-established ISO 9001-based quality management system and the unit is regularly independently audited. The services offered by CTU Bern enable clinical researchers to comply with regulatory requirements, and with international standards, including the International Conference on Harmonization Good Clinical Practice Guidelines and the Declaration of Helsinki.