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New seminar series: Facts and pitfalls of observational studies – How to plan and conduct HRO projects

27.02.2024 – Human research is more than clinical trials. HRO projects (HRO = Human Research Ordinance) are observational studies and further use-projects – this includes projects that are based on the collection or further use of biological material and/or health-related data.

These projects account for almost 80% of projects submitted to the ethics committees. As the range of possible projects is large, it is often challenging to keep track of qualitative, regulatory and legal requirements.

This lunch seminar series offers brief overviews and space for questions on important topics related to HRO projects (observational studies). As researchers, you can shape the focus of the individual events by submitting your specific questions in advance. This ensures that the seminars are tailored to your needs.

Do you have questions about your observational HRO project? Register for one or more of the dates below to receive brief and concise information on each topic - "HRO in a nutshell", so to speak.

Facts and pitfalls of observational studies – Dates and topics

Ethics approval: Insights from the ethics committees

This session will provide you with insights on how to get the mandatory ethics approval for your observational study. You will learn about retrospective and prospective projects, participant information and consent, and will get practical examples on how to submit your application.

27.03.2024, 12.00-13.00, online via zoom
Please register via: https://forms.dkfbasel.ch/scto-2024-Mar27

Data governance and protection: How to navigate the regulatory jungle

In this session, you will learn about the essentials of data procurement, governance and protection. We will talk about the most important aspects regarding the new data protection law, and will give practical insights into how data are handled at different university hospitals.

17.04.2024, 12.00-13.00, online via zoom
Please register via: https://forms.dkfbasel.ch/scto-2024-Apr17

Registries and biobanks: Background, obstacles and practical views

This session gives insights about common pitfalls when working with large sets of clinical patient data and biological samples. We will look at practical tips for planning projects and research questions, up to regulatory requirements and real-life examples.

08.05.2024, 12.00-13.00, online via zoom
Please register via: https://forms.dkfbasel.ch/scto-2024-May08

Quality: Law, praxis and common hurdles

In this session you will learn about “quality in a nutshell”. We will start with the respective law and then give practical tips and examples on how to keep the quality of your project high.

29.05.2024, 12.00-13.00, online via zoom
Please register via: https://forms.dkfbasel.ch/scto-2024-May29