CTU Bern

New members of staff: Anna Glenck and Flurina Jenal

20.02.2023 - We are pleased to welcome Anna Glenck as a new staff member at CTU Bern. Anna has a medical background and specialized in radiology at the Cancer Research Institute in Moscow. After moving to Switzerland and maternity leave, she started working as a data manager at the Childhood Cancer Registry of the ISPM in Bern, where she was involved in the epidemiological oncology research. Having completed the CAS Clinical Research Coordinator course, she is delighted to be joining the CTU team and to be involved in clinical research now. Welcome Anna!

We are also pleased to welcome Flurina Jenal e as a new staff member at CTU Bern. Flurina has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences with a specialization in Movement Sciences (University of Zurich). After graduation, she worked as a project manager and was responsible for running analysis in Zurich. Besides her interests in biomedical processes and exercise physiology, she is happy to deepen her clinical knowledge and improve her skills in medical research at the CTU Bern. Welcome Flurina!