CTU Bern

Translational Medicine and Biomedical Entrepreneurship

Translational medicine is a new, process-oriented discipline that aims to translate new findings and products emerging from private-sector development and basic research into clinical applications. With this program, the sitem Center aims to promote researchers and train executives in the fields of translational medicine and biomedical entrepreneurship. Lecturers and supervisors of the school are representatives from research and development-oriented private companies, scientists from universities, clinicians, collaborators from regulatory agencies and financial experts.

Module 5 "Clinical Trials and Performance":

A major step and maybe the most cost-intensive and crucial step in the development of a biomedical product is the part of clinical study design and the conduct of a successful clinical trial. It is the turning point that will determine if a drug, medical device or diagnostic assay may indeed have the potential to be accepted by the authorities and become a true commercial product. Module 5 led by Dr. Sven Trelle, director of CTU Bern, focuses on the critical revision of outcomes from the medical product development process and essential steps of the clinical phase.

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