CTU Bern

Ebola vaccine tested successfully for the first time

31.07.2015 - A vaccine against the Ebola virus, tested in West Africa for the first time in a field trial, has proved to be effective according to the first interim analysis published today in The Lancet. CTU Bern together with the ISPM was heavily involved in designing and conducting the World Health Organization (WHO) «Ebola ça Suffit» vaccine trial.

The Ebola virus disease epidemic in West Africa has not been defeated yet, although the number of cases has dropped substantially since the start of the year. Two vaccines that were recently developed have already undergone preliminary tests in humans. One of the vaccines, «rVSV-ZEBOV», has now been tested in the first large field trial of efficacy and effectiveness in Guinea, West Africa. CTU Bern was involved in the development of the study design of this «Ebola ça suffit» trial and responsible for the data management. The initial results of the study show that the vaccine can effectively contain the further spread of the Ebola virus. The results of the field study and the innovative study methods were just published in th e «Lanc et» and «BMJ».