CTU Bern

GCP Refresher for clinical research

Course objectives

This course is aimed at providing a refresher training to clinical investigators with the essential knowledge of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and of other regulatory and ethical requirements, and the skills for contributing to clinical trials.

Course content

The GCP Refresher course is split in four parts, whereas each part of the course is held as a seperate CTU Lecture.
Lecture 1: consists of the basic principles and study project required documentation.
Lecture 2: addresses study preparation and conduct.
Lecture 3: continues on study conduct and project closure.
Lecture 4: is kept flexible and will address additional learning contents such as upcoming regulatory changes or key topics in clinical research.


Lecture 1: Wednesday, 16th September 2020, 12.45-13.30, online via zoom

Lecture 2: Wednesday, 21st October 2020, 12.45-13.30, online via zoom

Lecture 3: Wednesday, 11th November 2020, 12.45-13.30, online via zoom

Lecture 4: Wednesday, 16th December 2020, 12.45-13.30, online via zoom

Registration & course fee

Please register here via CTU Lecture page for each upcoming lecture. Registration for the other lectures will be open about 2 weeks before the event.
All lectures are free of charge provided by CTU Bern.


The teaching language is English. Discussions are in English or German.


In order to obtain GCP Refresher course certification, you are required to participate in all four CTU Lectures covering the respective topics.
Certificate will be issued at the end of the course.

For more information please refer to the course flyer: