CTU Bern


secuTrial was developed by interActive Systems in Berlin. It is a professional, complete web-based GCP-compliant solution for collecting patient data in clinical studies, non-interventional studies or patient registries. secuTrial is used since 2000 in more than 600 national and international studies sponsored or conducted by universities, CROs, medicinal product manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.  

Key Features

  • CTU Bern sets up the entire study database (Full Service)
  • Server & license costs taken over by DLF
  • Is used by all other Swiss CTUs and mostly German speaking Europe with over 14’000 users.

When to use secuTrial?

  • Study complexity is middle to high
  • You have a multinational study
  • You want to set up a highly configurable visit plan
  • You want to have an integrated randomization (e.g. minimization)
  • You want to use extensive monitoring (including online query management, sdv and different review states)
  • You need email notifications
  • You need annotated CRFs

Learn more about secuTrial by watching a demo presentation here.