CTU Bern

OPERAM trial now open for recruitment

The OPERAM trial funded by a HORIZON 2020 grant started recruitment this week at the Department of Internal Medicine at the Inselspital Bern.

Drug-related morbidity and mortality is an increasing problem for European health-care systems. It is estimated that every third hospital admission could be due to unnecessary interventions and inappropriate medications. Multimorbidity, polypharmacy, and old age are important risk factors for “drug-related hospital admissions”.

The clinical trial OPERAM, led by Prof. Rodondi from Inselspital Bern and University of Bern, evaluates whether a software-based systematic drug review can reduce these admissions. OPERAM is a multicenter, randomized-controlled trial with participating university hospitals in Bern, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland. The trial started recruitment this week and the first patient was included in Bern. CTU Bern is responsible for the trial coordination, data management, statistics, and monitoring. More information can be found here.