CTU Bern

New PhD program for clinical researchers


The Graduate School of Health Sciences (GHS) of the University of Bern offers a new PhD program for clinical researchers. Thanks to this program, it will be possible to obtain a PhD title in Clinical Sciences while simultaneously pursuing a clinical career.  

The candidates can benefit from the combination of clinical work and patient-oriented research while maintaining an individual schedule (50:50 model). This means, that clinically involved candidates (medical doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists etc.) can pursue their clinical work in a 50% position and dedicate the remaining time to a research project to obtain their PhD. The duration of the program is four to five years.

The emphasis of the PhD program is put on comprehensive training in research methods, such as statistics, study design, epidemiology and scientific writing.

To qualifiy for the program, candidates need to have the ‘Staatsexamen’ or a Master’s degree in medicine, psychology or in a related clinically oriented field as well as a clinical and a research position.

More information can be found in the flyer (below) and on the website of the GHS.