CTU Bern

Invitation to Symposium

Extraordinary/ordinary professorship for clinical research associated with the management of the Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) at the University of Bern and the Inselspital.

Tuesday, 7th November 2017, 13:45
Auditorium Goldmann, eye clinic, entrance 48, Inselspital


13:45 Introduction
Prof. Dr. med. Claudio Bassetti

13:50–14:20 Evidence-based Clinical Research
PD Dr. med. Matthias Briel, Basel (CH) & Hamilton (CAN)

14:20–14:50 Real world evidence: How to make clinical research more useful with routinely collected data
Dr. med. Lars G. Hemkens MPH, Basel (CH)

14:50–15:20 Competing risks in clinical research
PD Dr. med. Michael Koller, Basel (CH)


15:40-16:10 Data science – tools for integrative clinical trials
PD Dr. med. Alexander Leichtle, Bern (CH)

16:10-16:40 The future of clinical trials
PD Dr. med. Sven Trelle, Bern (CH)

16:45 Closing words
Prof. Dr. med. Claudio Bassetti