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COVID-19 AI tool to support researchers

Scientists are drowning in COVID-19 papers. By one estimate, the COVID-19 literature published since January has reached more than 34,000 papers and is doubling every 20 days among the biggest explosions of scientific literature ever.

By July 7, 2020, well over 4000 clinical trials have been registered at various international and national clinical trial registries. Given this volume, it is difficult for researchers and decision makers to keep up with all new scientific findings and be up to date. 

To tackle the problem, the CTU Bern in collaboration with Risklick AG  and ISPM have developed a tool (https://www.risklick.ch/panel/login) that researchers and decision makers can use to find the most relevant information in a short time.

The tool is backed up with over 160,000 documents. The database is automatically updated daily and consists of 18 clinical trial registries, all Coronavirus family publications, curated COVID-19 publications from ArXiv, BioRxiv, Elsevier, MedRxiv, Medline, PMC and WHO sources. 

Please feel free to check out our demonstration video:


Risklick COVID-19 AI deploys artificial intelligence to find the most relevant COVID-19 data, tailored to your own specific research needs.
It allows you to

  • Find the most relevant information within a short period of time
  • Access the most comprehensive COVID-19 evidence database
  • Receive daily updates on newly available data for your research
  • Find the right scientific collaborators
  • Download the results in a .ris or .csv format

As we are all fighting the COVID crisis together, we are offering free access for Covid-19 researchers:

If you are interested in a personalized demo and understanding of possible customized analysis, then please contact Poorya.amini@ctu.unibe.ch.