CTU Bern

2nd IICT call: SNSF approves seven projects

In 2015, the SNSF introduced a special programme for Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials. The programme offers support for independent, comprehensive clinical studies in order to meet major scientific and societal needs. As the first call had attracted wide interest among the clinical researchers in Switzerland, the SNSF issued a second IICT call in August 2016.

Of 35 submitted proposals, seven projects have been approved and will be funded with an overall amount of 9.7 million francs. Most of these IICTs will last between four and five years and involve 140 to 2000 patients in up to nine study centres.

With two approved applications, the clinical researchers in Bern have again been highly successful. CTU Bern congratulates the investigators and is looking forward to the close collaboration with both study teams:

Prof. Dr. Dr. Mathias Abegg, Department of Ophthalmology, Inselspital Bern:
Using botox instead of the standard surgery to treat strabism.
The statistics, data management, on-site monitoring and central data monitoring teams of CTU Bern will be collaborating with Prof. Abegg in this IICT.
Prof. Dr. Reto Auer, Berner Institut für Hausarztmedizin BIHAM, Universität Bern:
Are e-cigarettes an efficient and safe way to stop smoking?
CTU Bern will be responsible for the data management, the trial monitoring and provide statistical support to Prof. Auer's team.
A third IICT call will be launched by the SNSF in mid-July 2017. The full list of the approved IICTs and further information reagarding the programme can be found here: