CTU Bern (Clinical Trials Unit)


CTU Bern is an academic clinical trials unit collaborating mainly in investigator-initiated trials. The aim of the unit is to expand the evidence base for health care. Our self-concept is that of a not-for-profit organization. CTU Bern receives some core funding by the Faculty of Medicine/ Inselspital to cover parts of the senior staff and administration. Therefore, more than 75% of our costs need to be covered by extramural funds.

Our consulting service is free of charge for University/Inselspital staff as long as consulting takes not more than 2 to 3 working hours. If a study requires closer collaboration or CTU Bern takes over responsibilities within a clinical study we will provide a cost estimate before project start. The cost estimate is based on the information available at that time and should be viewed as such. It will be included in any contract that is necessary to be signed if CTU Bern takes over responsibility in a clinical study. However, any billings will be based on the actual worked hours by CTU staff and the corresponding hourly rate.

The hourly rates of CTU Bern are based on the function/division and take into account:

  • Cost mix within a function/division
  • Holidays
  • Average sick leave
  • Other non-productive working time (internal meetings, continuing education, military services etc.)

Hourly rates are adapted yearly to account for changes in salaries and fluctuation of staff.

Valid from 1.4.2018
Division Internal Rates*
External non-profit External for-profit
Clinical investigation CHF 91 CHF 110 CHF 140
Statistics CHF 91 CHF 110 CHF 140
Data management CHF 91 CHF 110 CHF 140
CHF 91
CHF 110 CHF 140
Project Management CHF 91 CHF 110 CHF 140
Research Assistant CHF 50 CHF 60 CHF 77

* staff of Bern University Hospital and University of Bern